FS Homes - EN
Chapel Road Development
30 Land sections at chapel road and killkenny drive junction, Dannemora. We proposed 15 types of houses to suit these 30 land sections. Currently they are all built and sold to home owners.
Armstrong Farm Drive
Existing land section belongs to quality subdivision project located at East Tamaki height, Point View, which known by the market as high class luxury residential living region.
Bleakhouse Road Project
Existing property on bleakhouse road performing renovation and extension to side of the house
Sunny Vale Development
66 Sungrove rise, Sunnyvale Waitakere city development was one of the most difficult projects we achieved. Lot 1, Lot 6 and Lot 8, 3 simple design 2 level houses, client was looking for quick money turn around.
Aorangi Place
Existing quality built plaster house to be completely demolished and removed on site, and proposed new house we designed for the client and the lovely lady just love it.
Danbury Drive Project
Danbury Drive project was one of the best and the most exciting renovation project we have done, and we are proud of the great outcome it brought to the home owner.
Hobsonville Scott Road Developments
Hobsonville Scott Road Developments are formed by 15/15A, 17/17A, 19/19A Scott Road sections. We are engaged by developers, individual clients to design different types of the house within the developing regions.
Sylvan Ave
Absolutely beauty and landmark to the cliff, when constriction work done, it is going to be able to be seen on left side cliff after Onewa road exit from No.1 Northern motor way toward Whangarei, Northland
Gracechurch Drive Project
Existing house belongs to country side living before unitary plan, and it's life style block, very nice condition solid plaster house.
Clark Road Hobson Developments
Clark Road Hobson development is a very nice developing project again from Grande Meadow Development Limited, we are engaged to design and get consent approvals for couple of Lots new houses.
Gulf View Road
Clients are living in this property and hoping to remove the existing house completely and design a new house on the section. 3 kids in this family would make the living and family space so important in the proposed house.
Regia Close Project
Project located within Half moon bay region, great location and fantastic neighborhood surroundings. Clients wants a proper designed entry and deck living space.
Memorial Ave Mt Roskill
Exciting renovation project with full imagination of kids running around the existing house. Yes, you are right, we are converting this into a day care center.
Steele Street Developments
Existing site with a house on it, it would be demolished and removed, proposed subdividing this section into 2 with 2 new houses on them.
Hobsonville point developments
Brand new sections at the subdivisions of 23 Scott road, clients are looking forward for a quality comfortable living house. Highly speak design to present.
East Coast Road Terrace House Developments
This is a leading type of design and development on East-coast road, 10 Terrace house units in 2 groups with 5 units each. Great sea view and convenient traffic to all major center of north shore such as Takapuna and Albany mall.

10 units are all designed for 3 levels with average 190m2 house area 4 bedrooms with stunning balcony toward sea view side. Not only full filled demands for all sort of people and family but also satisfying the local character for people who want to have city life as well as good view when wake up from bed.

Highly speak project and design !!
301 Flat Bush School
Excellent clients who purchased the best section from this development. They are considering a dream house for really long term living.

We are honored to be their architecture designer to share the joy of designing and building their dream home.
Te Atatu Road High Density Developments
Another Leading project and development on Te Atatu Road, limited space to introduce maximum developing value. 2 individual town houses plus 2 terrace house to the rear. 3 levels with special construction typology, fully concrete for level 1, normal timber framed with Ezpanel aero concrete finishes for external cladding to give a neat flat touch to the whole appearance.
Hillcrest Road Development
Great section from client, and would like to establish 3 groups of duplex type houses on site. Absolutely challenging the council rules and capacity of the section. Very excited project to proceed.
Ringwood Street High Density Developments
Existing land use consent granted under old district plan rules to subdivide 1 into 2, client approached us later on indicating Unitary plan could provide good chance for high density development, therefore we are honor to present subdivision 1 into 4. 4 individual well designed houses for the market demands.
Mellons Bay Road Developments
Quality living environment with quality demand to subdividing existing land section into 2 and wanting to have 2 brand new houses on site.
Blossom Lane High Density Developments
High density developments situated at Manurewa, to meet local housing demand.
We forged a 3 level, mid quality individual houses, 5 of them on this land section, maximized the value of the section, with the good team of consultants, we achieve this project and applied for approval within a reasonably short time period. Really excited during the design and documentation stages.
Flatbush School Road Development
Well developed Mixed housing suburban residential land sections with Forrest Stone Limited (FS Homes) own the land section and provide branding design and build show home coming up soon, brand new idea of living with maximized spaces and new style to be admired. Please contact the office for more information.