Forrest Stone Architecture & Design
Existing house was in good conditions with solid plaster wall, although they were all dirted and some of them have cracks on but it was a good wall materials.

But we proposed to change all existing cladding to new bevel back timber Weatherboard with cavity. Combination with modern appearance with the roof, completely gave the house a fresh look, clients sold the property and earned a great profit from it eventually. They love it !! 
Existing house upper floor living
Existing house Dining
Existing house view from Family
Existing house pool
Proposed Renovated House Facade
Proposed Renovated House Entry
Proposed Upper Floor Family
Proposed Upper Floor Living
Proposed Dining
Proposed Backyard pool
Proposed Backyard
Proposed Backyard
Proposed House Faced Night
Night view from Balcony
Proposed Backyard night 1
Proposed Backyard night 2