Forrest Stone Architecture & Design
The original house was built in quality plaster cladding but with cracks and dirt to the surface due to the age of the house, also the existing house back yard was divided into couple of different ground levels by the site retaining walls everywhere.

When we were informed that to rebuild a new house to this land section we immediately came up ideas to reformed the back yard retaining wall because the new house is going to be limited by the ground level if those existing retaining walls stay.

We come up with this proposal that combining 3 layers of existing site retaining wall into 1 big "L" shape retaining the Southwest corner of the site to ensure good ground level to proposal new house as well as keeping back yard as flat as possible with just one level.

Client love the new open plan function spaces and multi function spaces to different level to suit each of her family members' demands, also with the combination of modern and classical look to the building, it is standing out among client's neighbors' houses.
Aorangi Place Exterior 01
Aorangi Place Exterior 02
Aorangi Place Dinning 03
Aorangi Place Bath 04
Aorangi Place kitchen 05